Project Description





For three months, you can join our students at the Manhattan campus of The ICMT at world-famous Pearl Studios (where most Broadway shows audition and rehearse). Act, sing and dance with us Monday to Friday from 9-5 and then explore all the amazing experiences that the Big Apple has to offer without having to uproot and move there permanently. You will have the opportunity to work with casting directors and actors, music directors and directors currently in the industry. This opportunity is open to anyone in the world who wants to improve their skills and have a taste of what it’s like to live in one of the world’s greatest cities.

Note – If you are not an American citizen you will not be able to work whilst you are here so you should have enough money to be able to subsist for the duration of your stay. You will also need a valid ESTA or other US Visa.



Acting methods

Acting through song
Audition technique
Script analysis
Character study
Voice and movement
TV, commercial and self tape

Private singing (1/2 hour each week)
Singing technique
Ensemble singing
Repertoire (audition preparation)

Tap (intermediate only)
Body Conditioning

I’ve learned SO much more about my voice.  I’ve taken ownership of myself and stopped focusing on what other people think – not everyone will love me.
Eilis Dunne

I have learned so much about exploring different ways to act through song and that a lot of time, less is more.  I now REALLY believe I could be in the West End one day.

Ciara Lyons

I thought coming to ICMT was just to expand my knowledge, it turns out that it’s more than that. It changed my life and my personality.

My experience at ICMT will forever be in my heart.

Paula Andrea Paguio

I learned that I actually do have potential.

Morgan Bowden