Agent Talk with Kenneth Avery-Clark

Do's, Don'ts, Tip's and more

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Have I looked at the agent’s website?
  2. Have I checked if they are currently accepting submissions?
  3. Do I know how each agent I’m submitting to likes to be approached?

You can use the contacts directory on the Spotlight website to find all the contact information for agents.

Ken mentions that while interviewing agencies, he has learned a lot! Some big things that are usually always mentioned:

  • They are busy.
  • Their books are full.
  • They receive a ton of submissions.
  • They need you, but not as much as you probably need them! So be patient.

Let's talk cover letters!

Keep it brief. Ken says that one of the biggest mistakes is to share your entire life story on one cover page. Of course, you’d like to impress, but do not do it, he says. Your cover letter is like your highlight reel on Instagram. Highlight specific things and peak interest!

Things to say:

  • You are seeking representation & why you chose them! (I’ve heard excellent things about you, I saw your website, etc.)
  • Why you’re seeking representation. (new location, new graduate, changing agents)
  • Key selling points: (I’m a high tenor, I play 6 instruments, and I’m a strong dancer.)
  • The sign-off. (I look forward to hearing from you) and attach your CV/Resume, headshot, and spotlight link (if you have one.)
  • If you have just finished a production, make sure to include reviews you may have!

Things not to do:

  • Lie. Don’t use a false recommendation. They will check.
  • Write an essay. No one has time to read that.
  • Attach high-res photo/video files. They take up space and are hard to open!

Finally, time...

Give them 2-4 weeks before you chase them. Bare in mind that you may not receive a response at all.

It might all sound daunting, but it’s something we all go through! Organise, stay honest, and you will find the right agent for you!

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March 9, 2021
Kenneth Avery-Clark