Are you still learning online?

Taylor Swift, Tik Tok, Learning Online and Trying to find a balance!

After almost a full year of online learning, you’d think maybe we’d have the hang of it. Maybe it’s become more difficult for you or maybe you’re used to it, but need some inspiration.

Check out these 5 tips to make your life a little bit less stressful.

1. Give yourself a routine.

A routine allows for you to feel some sort of normalcy. Whether it be starting each day with making your bed, or making sure you put away the computer at 7pm each day, do it! The mind, body and soul might find some comfort in having a routine!

2. Embrace the unknown.

Let’s be honest, we’re used to not knowing what’s coming next. Just like after an audition you have no control over whether or not they call you back, so release, relax, and focus on what you can control! Life’s kind of like that song from Frozen 2 right now. INTO THE UNKNOWN!

3. Call your friends.

We’re all going through the same thing! Why do it alone? Sending each other 30 Tik Toks in a row is not equivalent to a phone call… (but keep sending the Tik Toks, those are funny.)

4. Dance it out.

Whether it’s a 20 minute yoga video on YouTube or a dance party to your favourite Taylor Swift Song, keep up the movement! It becomes so easy to sink into the couch and watch Netflix all day. Don’t get me wrong, that is a much needed activity as well, but try and find some balance. Discover confidence and joy in moving just for yourself and YOUR body!

5. Remember why you’re doing this.

Ask yourself why! Use it as a motivational tool to keep your spirits high. Remind yourself of the tingly feeling you get when you’re onstage or in the studio learning! This kind of check in with yourself is something I find so useful. Speak it out loud, journal it, type it in your notes, whatever works best for you!

February 24, 2021
Sydney Rudd