New musical theatre training option for European students

A new exciting opportunity for Europeans who want professional musical theatre training, and a performance career.

EU students don’t despair

For a long time budding musical theatre students from the European Union have wanted to train in London with the hopes of eventually landing a role on the West End. But things are changing, musical theatre training is becoming more International. The industry has been growing rapidly in countries like South Korea, China, Japan and Singapore. Closer to London however, Germany has proven they are a front-runner for big musical theatre productions. Shows currently on offer are Tina, Lion King, Aladdin, Mamma Mia, Pretty Woman and the list goes on. This is good news for EU Citizens who, post-Brexit, may have difficulties now working in London.

Tailor-made programs

The ICMT (International College of Musical Theatre) has developed two unique, bespoke programs that allows students to split their training between ICMT campuses in Rome and London. The courses in Rome have an added component that prepares students for auditioning for German productions (that often audition in Rome). This includes German lessons and learning audition songs in German as well as English.

German pronunciation a plus

Co-founder Kenneth Avery-Clark says, “In my discussions with German producers one of the challenges they have is hiring actors with good German pronunciation. They don’t need to be fluent in the language, but good pronunciation is a huge bonus in getting the job”.

Students will not only train in Rome but will spend 6 months in London where they will work with West End Professionals and get that all important London training on their CV. They will also train for a week at their New York City campus. It’s free to apply and audition.

February 12, 2021