Student charter

A commitment between our students and us

Commitments and Expectations

Our student charter acts as an agreement between the ICMT and our students. It shows that both parties are committed to this truly life-changing experience and are aware of what is expected of them.

Students are encouraged to attend, contribute and make the most of their time and opportunities at the ICMT. On the other hand, the ICMT Is required to practice its core values at all times and uphold the rights and responsibilities of every student. Furthermore, the charter recognises that anyone involved with the ICMT, from staff to student, should be met with respect and tolerance.

It is more than a document; it's a promotion of unity, fairness and equality throughout the ICMT.

The ICMT undertakes to provide:

  • Passionate and industry-relevant teachers.
  • The highest standard of musical-theatre training.
  • All the information you need for you to complete your course.
  • Access to appropriate materials, resources and facilities that allow you to be successful in your studies.
  • Opportunities for students to provide feedback on all aspects of their student experience.
  • Honest and fair feedback regarding student progression and assessments.
  • Equal treatment for all regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief.
  • A culture of respect to all students.
  • Support for students before, during and after their time at the ICMT.
  • A commitment to continuously improve the student learning experience and address concerns.
  • Employability skills and ‘real world’ opportunities.
  • A safe and positive learning environment that nurtures growth and celebrates individuality.
  • Open and transparent channels of communication between students and staff.
  • Clear information on its policies, procedures and regulations.

Students are expected to:

  • Take responsibility for their own learning, engage fully in your studies with a positive commitment and to give your best.
  • Be responsible for their own time and be suitably prepared for your studies.
  • Work together to achieve mutual respect, courtesy and professionalism.
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback on their time at the ICMT.
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date personal information.
  • Inform us if they cannot access or engage fully with theirlearning.
  • Act as ambassadors for the ICMT.
  • Maintain a professional attitude in attendance, preparation and conduct.
  • Familiarise themselves with the ICMT’s processes, regulations and procedures.